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you have two choices....

jump or change...

let’s try change…

to rebrand or not to rebrand?

when is it time to review, refresh or redesign your brand?

it can be hard to know if you’re in need of a rebrand. too often the red flags get lost in the hustle and bustle of work day madness. and even when you do notice them, the decision to actually embark on a rebranding initiative is not an easy one. daunting as this task may seem, you are not alone, almost every company has gone through a rebranding process, and some even have more than once in just a decade.

think of the value of rebranding as a long-term investment. it can infuse your marketing efforts with renewed relevance, vigor and freshness, enable you to reach new audiences and even allow you to charge more for your products or services.

here are some famous examples of rebranding:

so, how do you know when it’s finally time to pick up the phone and call a branding expert?

here are a few telltale signs that your brand is probably ready for an update.

your brand no longer reflects your brand vision

what seemed like a great brand years ago no longer represents what your brand is about. changes in cultural context can change the meaning of a brand name it just outgrows its welcome. whatever the reason, you shouldn’t let your outdated brand name and logo be a drag on your brand itself.

you’re embarrassed with your business card or website

if you cringe when you reach for your card, or if you feel like your website should be hidden rather than promoted, it’s probably time for a rebrand. outdated, boring, unoriginal – if your corporate identity or online presence falls under one or more of these descriptors, get thee to a branding expert.

you’re failing to differentiate yourself from the competition

at the end of the day, branding is all about competitive differentiation. if you feel like your brand is lost in a sea of marketplace sameness, why not rock the boat a little? repositioning your value propositions can make your brand more visible to consumers searching for unique solutions.

your brand has become overly complicated or diffuse

has your business become a hodgepodge of offerings with no unifying brand narrative? if your messaging is making your audience glaze over, it may be time to take a step back to simplify and focus. increased complexity means decreased cohesiveness. a rebrand is the best way to remedy this problem.

you’re trying to connect with a new audience

today it’s millennials. tomorrow it’ll be post-millennials. there’s always a new generation hot on the heels of the previous one. a rebrand allows you to redefine yourself with the goal of reaching these new audiences.  the last thing a savvy generation wants, is to associate itself with the old brands of the past generation.

you’re struggling to raise your prices

is the price for your products or services seem hopelessly fixed, despite rising costs? brands ultimately boil down to customer perception & the value of your offerings is set in their minds. by rebranding, you’re reshaping customer perception of you, and raise the price of your services.

your business model or strategy has changed

sometimes the objectives on which a company is founded are not its same goals five years down the road. business models & objectives can change. and when your business changes, so must your brand. the way your company is perceived should always align with the way it operates behind the scenes.

your brand has acquired a negative image

these days it doesn’t take much for a word or concept to take on devastatingly negative connotations. thanks to social media, negative impressions can spread like wildfire, transforming a once innocuous brand into a veritable hot potato. rebranding is the simplest and most effective remedy in these situations.

ready to go from fuzzy and confused to clear and concise ?